Types of Bench Vises

Types of Bench Vises

A vise, sometimes called the third hand, is an indispensable tool in any workshops. Vises are usually mounted on workbenches or similar firm supports to hold materials in place. Most vises can be used for a wide variety of work. Select the most suitable vise which is strong enough for the work planning to be done. The three most commonly seen vises are Bench Vises, Heavy Duty Bench Vises and Medium Duty Bench Vises.

Bench Vises:

A bench vise consists of several components of which the elements responsible for holding a work piece are the jaws of the vise. Jaws are typically made of wood, plastic or metal depending upon the application. Bench vises need not essentially be attached to benches or any surface for that matter, as long as the working surface is stable. Vises attached directly to the top of the surface have a swivel, which enables the vise to rotate as needed.  Most of the vises have metal jaws and over time, these jaws need to be replaced as they get worn out. Bench vises vary according to their strength, durability and application.

Heavy Duty Bench Vises:

Heavy duty bench vises are also referred to as machinist vises. They are commonly used for industrial operations and are made out of iron, in order to withstand frequent use and heavier applications. The components of a heavy duty bench vise include serrated steel jaws, precision slide bar and ACME-threaded main screw. Fasteners should be purchased separately.  A typical heavy duty bench vise is either stationary or comprises a 360 degree swivel. Bench vises with pipe jaws have a secondary set of steel pipe jaws that rotate 360 degrees and are replaceable.

Medium Duty Bench Vises:

Medium duty bench wises are apt for a wide field of applications. They are often manufactured of iron and have replaceable steel top jaws and pipe jaws. Many of the models also feature a 360 degree swivel and a built in anvil. Jaw faces can be switched between serrated and smooth sides, depending on the given application.

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