Power Tools Guide: Type of Sanders

Power Tools Guide: Type of Sanders

SANDERS: Best Tool for Woodworking and Refurbishment

A sander is a very essential component of your workshop and having one round will always prove as an asset to your work in getting a high quality finish in no time. In a contractor’s life, speed and efficiency is what causes the difference between carrying a low income business and a profitable clientele.

Sanders is a powerful instrument which is utilized to smooth out the harsh surfaces of various metal and wood items by scraping with a sand paper.The sand paper is bound to a machine that runs rapidly over the surface to finish the task in less time and with perfection.


Below mentioned are some traits that you must search in a sander before you decide to purchase it.

  • Large Grip and Easily Portable

Every sander must always have a good large front grip in order to ensure its easy handling during the activity. With a large front handle it should also bear a long cord with which one can carry it from room to room without having to re-plug the whole system again.

  • Sawdust Bags

Sanding of wood can generate sawdust in large quantities. A bag attached to the sander will make it easy to collect and dispose the residue to keep your air free from any harmful dust for clean breathing.

  • Trigger Lock and Clamps

These characteristics will help you engage the unit in your required position for its trouble-free movement along the airfoil.

  • Brakes and Tracking

While using the machine, need of a good tracking adjustment is necessary for better performance. After the completion of the task, pad brakes will help you detach the unit from the surface for safe keeping.


Use the below mentioned information on the types of sanders to determine your favorite unit which can fulfill your task with excellence.

  1. Belt Sanders

It is used to remove large amounts of wood swiftly by employing a pulley. The pivotal part of this machine is loaded with heavy motors and the aligned area is easier and better fitted for small functions. Its superlative use is evening out of smaller objects like table and door with a quick finish.

  1. Spindle Sanders

This sander’s major characteristic is that its location can shift back and forth effortlessly as it is constructed in combination with a belt sander. A fast and precise sanding of polishing, knife sharpening and other similar objects can be expected from this incredible machine.

  1. Drum Sanders

They are used in sanding of bigger items with its wide range of grits and interchangeable sandpapers attribute. It is powerful and covers less space than most of the sanders to help you work faster and effectively.

Having more than one sander in your workshop is not necessary. After gathering the above information you will be able to get home the best and active sander for you and your shop.

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