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Must-Have Tools for DIY Home Projects

Must-Have Tools for DIY Home Projects

Be it for just techno-fun or for being a smart homeowner, tools make a necessary addition. Keeping a basic stock of a few very important tools not just makes fixes easy, but also saves good money back to the pocket. For fixing a few nails in the walls for paintings, or doing some common maintenance, having basic tools makes life so much easier. Take a look at 7 most needed tools for every household, having which does most of the work.

A Flathead Screwdriver

We absolutely need it for fixing most of the electronic devices, switch boards, nut-bolts etc. This screwdriver also does most of the tasks of an x-shaped screwdriver. This caters to the need of most of the nail-fixations. Also, this is one of the most commonly found tools in any toolbox. Ideally, different types of screwdrivers come in a pack of many. If you have it, nothing like it, but if you don’t, this one screwdriver would solve most of your fixing needs. If you find a screwdriver that gives you ease to change its heads, you can get multiple functions done with one tool.

A Measuring Tape

For measuring quantities, checking distances before you buy stuff for your household, a tape measure is another thing you need most commonly. If you wonder why you really need this, think back about the time you had to measure distance your new bed would cover in your room with the help of your hands, and you still couldn’t make a proper figure. Such regularly done tasks are taken care by this tool. On going to the market, if you find a 25-foot tape it will serve most of the purposes.

A Utility Knife

For trimming or chopping any extra wooden blocks, tiles or any cloth-based home-material, a utility knife is a must-have. Anyways, nothing else in a toolbox is enough to do the function only this tool could do. Not just for cutting purposes, but it also functions as a scrapping tool, which you generally need to take extra paints off to give a finishing look.

A Hammer

A hammer comes in numerous shapes and sizes when one tries to find it. And it becomes a difficult thing to find out which one would do maximum number of jobs. If you pick a 16-ounce hammer with a curved claw, it would take care of most of the hammering jobs in amazing ways. It’s just perfect in weight to be carried, and has good enough power to hammer things in and take things out with its claws.

A Power Drill-driver

This is a combination of a power drill and a screwdriver. In most cases, you use a screwdriver to put a hole and then a screwdriver to put enough pressure to finally make a hole inside. This tool does two jobs in one go. This one comes in two categories: electronic, and cordless. If you pick the one without a cord, it runs on batteries, and you might have to recharge the batteries often, but at least you would be free to drag the cord along, and you won’t have to worry about the distance from the plug-point.


These come in various shapes, but in general perform the task of tightening and loosening things. You also use them to turn and twist things at ease. Needle-nose is one of the most used pliers, because of its length and jaws that do lot of tasks.

There are hundreds of tools one could keep adding to the tool-box with time and expertise in doing the maintenance, but for the novices, these 6 should do most of the jobs.

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