Hand Saw Buyer’s Guide

Hand Saw Buyer’s Guide

In the world of carpentry, hand saws are one of the most utilized and popular tools to cut wood into different frames of fine pieces. Today, there are many powerful tools available in the market which are powered by electricity and can easily cut through anything, but the replacement of a hand saw is not yet found. Every house or workshop must have this tool to make big or small home improvement projects a success.

Hand saw have a very fine and sharp teeth, which should be treated with caution to assure perfect safety while running these instruments. While doing the pushing in and pulling out cycle, beware of the amount of strength you are applying on the handle and the angle of the blade is not more than 45 degrees.

Types of handsaw:

There are many varieties of hand saw available in the market today, which you can choose as per your requirements. Below mentioned are some the best and most popular hand saws which every workshop should own.

  1. Back Hand Saw

It is the most basic form of hand saw used for cutting wood at a certain angle in order to get the perfect angle for future joining purposes. They have a steel blade with D-shaped handles for easy and smooth shaping of wood.

  1. Crosscut Hand Saw

If you are looking for that one hand saw that solves all of your purposes, then your best pick is a crosscut hand saw. It can cut wood in multiple directions with ease and can provide you with the best results in just one stroke.

  1. Dovetail Hand Saw

To make precise cuts and for joining and cutting kerfs, this tool is referred the most. It is also used to cut plastic and laminated wood, which require delicate cutting. Its handle is aligned straight with the blade to give it that sharpness and accuracy it requires.

  1. Hacksaw Hand Saw

This is the only hand saw in the market that is used for cutting metals like iron pipe. It is very versatile and the blades can be interchanged to attain a maximum output in different conditions. It can cut other items like steel rod, straps, bolts and PVC with effortlessness and will give you a helping hand in your day to day home repairs.

Characteristics of a good handsaw:

After gaining knowledge of the basic varieties of hand saw, you can now seek the following features in the tool while purchasing it.

  • The teeth of the hand saw should be fine and closer to each other for finer cuts.
  • The teeth should bend in the alternating direction for smooth working of the blade.
  • The handle should be comfortably positioned for better grip and smoothness.

By interpreting the above feature and types of hand saw, you can easily choose the best that will suit your requirements and will make your job easier.

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