Hand Planes Buying Guide

Hand Planes Buying Guide

Shaping wood is a very crucial task done in any workshop. Crafting, dividing hard woods like Timber are some of the everyday jobs in a life of a home builder, carpenter or handyman. The best tool which is utilized worldwide for shaping and cutting of wood is called Hand Plane. It can be powered with electricity or can be used with man power to bring down the heaviness of the wood and create a smooth surface.

4 Must have hand planes

Picking the first hand plane can be puzzling, as it should have important features like sharp blade and accurate inclination. Below mentioned are the types of hand planes which you need to know before selecting the perfect tool for your job.

  1. Bench Plane

They are basically made of three materials, metal, wood or plastic. Their typical feature is a wide blade and big flat sole which is applied to make any wooden board surface smooth. The length of the plane is around 8 inches to 24 inches, which determines their type of function during the task. The blade is inclined at 45 Degree angle for easy and smoother handling of the tool.

  1. Short Bench Plane

These blades have a special feature of lower blade angle. The blades are set as low as 12 and 25 degrees which make them ideal for trimming and end grain. After the big cutting and dividing of the wood, this hand plane gives it the required shape with the aid of its lower angle and sharper blades.

  1. Jack and Smoothing Plane

These both planes are compatible with each other designs and can be interchanged. It is normally 13 to 14 inches long, which makes it perfect for smoothing jobs and long enough for other heavy wood cutting chores.

  1. Jointer Plane

This plane is approximately 20 to 30 inches long and is used to smooth out the edges of wooden boards to train them for the joining procedure.

Features of a good blade

After selecting the ideal hand plane frame for your job, the next step is to carefully examine the blade. It is the only part in a hand plane that determines the shape and smoothness of the wood. Following are the features that every blade should in order to get the perfect finish.

  • The blade should be thicker and more sizeable.
  • Should be made of high quality steel for increased durability.
  • Japanese blades are one of the most famous blades in the market.
  • The frame should have an even handle for easy use.

Once you have chosen your favorite hand plane, there are a few pointers which can help you guard your hand plane with care. Every new tool like a hand plane needs a little work done on them to insure their proper operation. You should also check, clean up and adjust the blade to avoid any mishap.

Indulge yourself in some crafting with your cherished hand plane and give your workshop a new ravishing tool.

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