Hammer Handyman’s Guide

Hammer Handyman’s Guide

The ultimate guide of buying hammers

The hammer is probably the most used tool in the construction business. With daily household repair to building big construction projects, a hammer can help you in numerous ways. It is nothing but tool which is meant to impact an object with force in order to push it in the required place.

There are endless uses of a hammer in our everyday lives. Hanging picture, nailing, roofing, assembling building components, molding, padding and many other different construction tasks can be done easily by this amazing tool. Every hammer is designed for a specific function and you must match your requirements to avoid ending up with the faulty one.

Types of hammers:

There are many different kinds of hammers available in the market today and finding the right one can be a little complicated. The hammer should be as per the requirement of your project and in order to get the best product you must have all the necessary information. Below mentioned are the type of hammers which you can buy to do a variety of different tasks.

  1.    Framing and Ball Peen Hammer

This type of hammer is used for household purposes like hanging a picture or fixing other furnitures. It has flat and a round face, which can bend soft metals with ease and its sleek structure, makes it a favorite among common people.

  1.    Hand Drill

This is most suited for heavy duty machineries in which striking nails into hard metal are the requirement. It is in the shape of a mallet and is made of steel or titanium. It is a safe machine which can be used by a homeowner for drilling holes in hard walls or in their workshops without any technical difficulties.

  1.    Shingling

This two faced hammer has a milled hammer on one end and a featured cutting blade on another. It is used mainly during roofing and comes with an additional measuring gauge for proper placements of roof tiles.

  1.    Sledge Hammer

It is a hammer which is most commonly used for demolition purposes and breaking hard materials like concrete. It has a very long handle to maximize the impact of the hammer for easy and faster breaking destruction. It is mostly used during construction and has a variety of lift weight options.

Every hammer is made of different materials which determine its quality and performance. The most common material for handles is wood, but it cannot perform during heavy work load as it can split easily. Today, steel handles are popular which comes with a nylon or rubber covering for better grip and comfort whereas, a head is generally made of steel or titanium, which gives the hammer its strength and durability. Titanium is more expensive than steel as they are lighter and easier to swing long distance.

With some information and analysis of your needs, you can easily buy this metal tool at any local market and online shopping stores at great prices.

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