Hacksaw Buying Guide

Hacksaw Buying Guide

Hacksaw is a form of hand saw which has a fine-tooth blade secured in a frame, used for cutting metal. It might be the only tool in your workshop which has the ability to cut through different kinds of metals. The blade of this amazing metal cutting tool is usually 10 or 12 inches long, which makes it an ideal one-man device.

There are many varieties of hacksaws obtainable in the market today and buying the right kind is very crucial to get the job done with perfection. The two essential properties of a good hacksaw are its efficiency and flexibility.  Harder the blade less is the flexibility, but more efficiency. So, there is a need for a balance between the two properties to form a perfect hacksaw.

Types of Hacksaw:

In order to choose the best hacksaw for your workshop, you must get familiar with the types of blade it can accommodate. Ultimately, it is the blade that is going to do your task and choosing it right can make your job a lot easier.

  1.      Regular Blade

Usually, while using a hacksaw we come across softer metals like aluminum. This blade is designed to cut through such material, which makes it so popular and most commonly used form of hacksaw. The teeth on this blade are assigned in a manner to enable them to easily get in contact with each other during the action. Initially the blade might be difficult to use, but after a while it will cut the metal with high accuracy and swiftness.

  1.      Raker Blade

These blade teeth are divided into a group of three, which makes it easily distinguishable from others. Unlike regular blade, it can cut through harder metals like iron without distorting the structure of the blade and will provide you with the best results. If you work more on harder metals like iron pipes, this is a must have tool for you.

  1.      Wavy Blade

Metals like galvanized steel are thin yet strong forms of metal which require a special item that can cut through it with precision. Wavy blade is a type of hacksaw which has blades arranged in a wavy order from left to right. They are used to cut hard and flexible materials and it should not be mixed with the metals that rake blade can cut.

Features of goo hacksaw

After gaining a basic knowledge about the types, you can look for the following traits in a hacksaw to buy the perfect tool.


  •         The blades must be sharp and aligned in a straight line.
  •         The teeth per inch (TPI) should be uniform throughout the blade.
  •         Depending upon the kind, the frame should be easy to handle and carry.
  •         The blade must be strongly secured in the frame.
  •          It should have the right ability to adjust its tension during the cutting process to make the job easier.


With above mentioned pointers and the right knowledge about the hacksaw, you can effortlessly buy your dream hacksaw.

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