Clamps & Vises Buying Guide

Clamps & Vises Buying Guide

It’s always helpful to have a helping hand when you are working in your garage. But unfortunately, we never find an assistant when we need them. These are the moments when Clamps & Vises make life easier. Clamps and Vises provide an extra set of “hands” that becomes invaluable for activities such as cutting, gluing, sanding and most importantly holding objects securely in one place. A Clamp is a tightening device that secure objects tightly together to prevent any kind of movement or separation through inward pressure whereas a Vise is a simpler and solid set of adjustable jaws, performing the same task.

Clamps are of more use value as they are designed to hold both heavy and light objects. Vises are supremely steady which makes them appropriate only for heavy works such as drilling. The large surface area of vises makes them inappropriate for holding smaller objects whereas clamps perform better when less physical pressure is exerted. There are different types of clamps & vises for different purposes and it becomes essential for the consumer to know how to choose the most suitable tool according to the nature of the work they have. Commonly seen types of Clamps are;

  • Angle Clamps: are versatile clamps which can be used to either hold objects straight or in different angles. These clamps are ideal for working with objects that have unusual shapes.
  • Bar Clamps: are often used to hold long objects which are up to five feet in length. It usually takes two bar clamps to hold an object.
  • C-Clamps: are the most commonly used clamps. They are normally used to hold smaller objects as they are designed in a C-shape with a clamping capacity of generally 8 inches.
  • Corner Clamps: are clamps with generally small clamping capacity. They are normally used to bring two pieces of wood together at right angle.
  • Hand screws: are clamps that are normally used to hold two objects together rather than holding an object steady. They are primarily designed for wood working.
  • L-Clamps: are designed to hold heavy-duty and non fragile objects together. They are constructed of metal and they have one fixed and another adjustable arm.
  • Pipe- Clamps: are Clamps that have two arms which move along a piece of metal pipe. They are commonly used for wood working.
  • Spring & Ratchet Clamps: are very basic clamps shaped like pliers. They are normally used to hold two objects together.
  • Strap Clamps: are clamps that have a handle beneath of a loop of strap that goes around an object. They are used to lightly hold the multiple sides of an object.

Discussing about the different types of Vises, the commonly used ones are;

  • Bench Vises: that is majorly meant to affix objects to workbenches. Some bench vises are stationary whereas the others can rotate on their bases.
  • Pin Vises: are usually used for precision hand drilling in crafts such as jewelry making. It’s used for firm grip.
  • Pipe Vises: are generally heavy vises that are designed to grip pipes.
  • Table Vises: are mainly meant for heavy duty work. They have a wide range of applications and differ in designs accordingly.

Searching for clamps and vises need not be a ritual since most of the hardware specialty shops and online shopping platforms offer ample sales of the different types of clamps and vises that are mentioned herewith. Some of the specialized clamps and vises may be difficult to spot in local hardware and machinery stores but online shopping websites offer a wide range of choices from all the possible options. More excitingly, online stores even have free delivery of items, making the task a cakewalk. Used clamps and vises are also advertised for sale in classified columns of newspapers. Websites specializing exclusively on hardware sales are also platforms that can be easily made use of.


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