Caulk Gun Guide

Caulk Gun Guide – Adhesive Gun

There are different types and qualities of caulk guns available. Some of them are:

Stamped-steel caulk gun is a durable and good performing caulk gun. It does the quick and dirty job. They are meant to stamped metal that sometimes are hard to pressed. These guns are also known as ‘disposable caulk guns’.

Manual caulk guns- These guns are meant for homeowner and moderate construction. It has a strong steel body, cast iron handle and a plunger mechanism that does not slip when pushing against a recalcitrant tube of caulk. It has a wire to open the foil seal and a cutter to snip off the caulk tube tip.

Bulk caulk guns, Cartridge and Sausage caulk guns- are fast and designed to accept caulk bought in bulk, often in a collapsible plastic wrap or ‘sausage’.

Air powered caulk guns- it can ump very viscous caulks at high speed and in large volumes. It accepts both cartridges and bulk or sausage packs of caulk. It can dispense adhesive when installing plastic bath.

Cordless battery-powered caulk guns- They are really fast and have low effort. Its applications are very smooth after learning how to move the caulk gun tip.

The customers need to know that there is a difference between caulk, chalking and spackling. For spackling, it is a joint compound to seal tape joints between sections of drywall or other irregularities before the wall or ceiling is painted. Spackling is also used as an artificial repair on plaster with actual plaster. Caulks on the other hand are used to close gaps or cracks against leaks. It may be an air leak or a water leak in building or in other structures such as a boat, etc. And lastly, chalking refers to the white oxidization that appears on a painted surface, drywall or plaster as they wear or weather.

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