Carpenter Square Buying Guide

Carpenter Square Buying Guide

Which is the best tool in a carpenter’s life that enables him to build incredible structures with precision? The answer is a carpenter’s square. It is ainstrument in the shape of a square or a right angle which is used to measure many important things like angles which can make or break a structure. It has two arms meeting at 90 degree angle, the long one is called blade and the other one is short which is also known as tongue.


Every carpenter square has its own advantage in different situations. Below listed are some of the most commonly used squares by carpenters all over the world.

  1. Combination Square

It has a 12” long adjustable blade to allow you to measure from different angles with comfort. Any one of the edges will have a 90-degree angle border that will help you during intersection and the other one will be at 45-degree angle to give it a shape of square for several other uses. It also comes with a protractor extension which is moveable all over 180 degrees.

  1. Drywall Square

Specially designed for measuring dry walls and other construction materials of 4’x8’. It can also mark and score the angle of the sheets to allow its perfect cutting and fastening to the wall.

  1. Try Square

It is an L-shaped item that is best suited to mark and cut edges of boards into flawless squares.Sometimes boards may not be even throughout which can create problems while its cutting and pasting process. This can be avoided by using a try square instrument with which you can easily measure the depth of the board for its scathing.

  1. Sliding T-Bevel Square

It is used for measuring different frames freely between the angles 0 to 360 degrees with the help of its moving blade which can be screwed tight or loose with a simple nut. Made in both plastic or wooden handles, it can also be used as a compass for different purpose like bisecting.

  1. Framing Square

It is a perfect 90 degree L-shaped tool made from steel or aluminum combined with a 24” long blade and 16” long tongue. It is available in size of 8”x12” for measuring rafters and framing tables with its ruler points printed on inside and outside edges.

  1. Measuring Square

It is the only triangle shaped square tool that has successfully made its way into the carpenter’s world. It has a different angle measurement marked all over its structure for easy cutting of fences in multiple shapes.

When you use any one of the above mentioned squares, try to install a clamp to help you hold it in place for correct measuring. Taking some precautions like wearing gloves can protect your hands from the sharp edges of the tool. Select any carpenter’s square depending upon your need and build anything beautiful with exactness in less time.

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